"Buoyed by a tremendous sense of restraint: so rich and contemplative; so reluctant to sensationalise or speculate."

★ ★ ★ ★

The GuardianLuke Buckmaster

“…authentic and raw…”

★ ★ ★ ★


“…bracingly original…It feels alarmingly real.”

The Gate - Andrew Parker

“…a film that tells us there is more value in forgiveness than revenge.”

The Reel Bits - Richard Gray

“...Jirga’s theme is one of universal access to human dignity and its restraint borders on the devotional.”

Curtin Radio - Philip Burrows

Visually stunning and with the conviction to make a statement not many want to hear, Jirga is a compelling and ultimately rewarding slice of audacious Australian filmmaking that shouldn’t be overlooked.”

Film Blerg - Simon Storey


"We can either go home with nothing or you and I can go to Afghanistan and rewrite the film together, cast people from the street and basically wing it" - Director, Benjamin Gilmour to lead Sam Smith.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Garry Maddox

"You don’t know how far you’ve gone from your centre until you’re way out here" - Lead, Sam Smith

National Post - Chris Knight

“We accessed a certain authenticity we would never have got on the other side of the border.” -  Director, Benjamin Gilmour

SBS - Maya Jamieson