Benjamin Gilmour is a filmmaker, author and paramedic, based in Northern NSW. His key film credits include the feature Son of a Lion (2008) and documentary Paramedico (2012).

It was Gilmour’s paramedic work that led him to the film industry, originally working on-set as a nurse. Gilmour lends this experience, as a front-line paramedic, to his work with NGO Trek Medics International, to assist in developing emergency medical systems for low to middle income communities in Africa and Central Asia.

As a published author, Gilmour’s titles include Warrior Poets: Guns, Movie-making and the Wild West of Pakistan (Pier9), Paramedico – Around the World by Ambulance (Harper Collins) and most recently the children’s book The Travel Bug (Penguin Random House).

Benjamin Gilmour's limited edition behind-the-scenes book 'Cameras & Kalashnikovs' is out now, available from the director's website -